Opportunity: Vehicle for Youth Ministry

Dear Friends,

As you know, during the past year or so of our ministry here in Central Mexico, God has been leading us to work more and more with the youth in our surrounding neighborhoods. Unfortunately, these young people have been the main object of the drug-terrorist movements that have suddenly overtaken this country.

As the months have gone by, we’ve come to realize that the area where we work has become one of the most dangerous places in all of Mexico.

But through it all, God has consistently opened the doors for us to have opportunities to speak into the lives of these youth, and we believe it’s no mistake that He has placed us here from the beginning.

Right now, the young people that we work with are facing a very difficult situation…  To give you an idea, they are literally afraid to go out of their houses – since they are being held at gunpoint almost every day, and since six more have been kidnapped from the area since we wrote you our last newsletter.

In light of the situation, it is not only unrealistic, but also extremely dangerous to try to minister to these young people by conducting open-air events, or even regular church or youth meetings within our neighborhood.

But we have a very unique opportunity.

As you may remember in our last newsletter, we sent out a request for you to pray that God would provide us with second vehicle that would be big enough to enable us to take groups of youth at a time to special functions or activities.

Less than a day after we sent the request, one of our prayer supporters responded, offering to donate a ’97 Chevy Astro van to our ministry, with the only condition that we were able to pay for repairs on it to make it driveable – which would cost an estimated total of $1,000.

In short, we believe this vehicle will be a practical help to us in the fight to keep our youth safe and off of drugs, and an instrument in the effort to share with them about how Jesus Christ can change them.

And so it is with tears that we thank you in advance, for considering how you might donate to help us take advantage of this opportunity in order to help touch and save the lives of youth here in Central Mexico.

Thanks also for your continued monthly donations to our ministry, as Larry has all but quit his secular job here in order to give more time to the needs which are rapidly arising around us.

Finally, thanks again for your prayer support. It is truly the foundation of everything we do.

Bless you,

Larry and Kim Flathmann

Donation info:

Please send your donations (which are tax-deductible) to:

Project Friendship
P.O. Box 90669
Houston, TX 77290

Checks should be made out to Project Friendship with Torreón Missions on the memo line.

*Note:  Extra donations may also be used to fund more special activities with the youth, daily living expenses, and Bibles (we would like to get around 150 Bibles – about $500 – because we’ve run out and people continue asking for them everywhere…)  Thank you.

In case you wonder why we need a bigger vehicle…
Youth chilling in our car on the way to a crusade at a nearby church.
this is how the youth cram into the back seat and trunk of our hatchback right now!
(In this photo we were on our way to a life-changing crusade at a nearby church)
Evidence of changed lives
Mario, with his Bible, his Christian music, and his son... One month before he was kidnapped.
Mario, with his Bible, his Christian music, and his son… One month before he was kidnapped.

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