Praises and Prayer Requests – June 16, 2012

Praises and Prayer Requests:

  1. Praise God for the way He is using even this terribly difficult situation for good in the life of Roberto. (Romans 8:28)  We are truly humbled by the sovereign ways in which His hand is moving in the lives of the people around us.  So praise Him.
  2. Praise God for providing the perfect wheelchair, and more than anything for the awesome way that He has continued to sustain Robert’s family — both emotionally and financially — in this situation.
  3. Praise God for some recent sightings of Mario, our friend who was kidnapped.  He is alive and well… So Praise God.  And keep praying.
  4. Please continue to pray for Robert’s family as they struggle to care for him and to survive financially.
  5. Pray for the complete healing of Robert’s right arm, left hip and leg, and mind.
    • Specifically, pray that the bone in Robert’s right arm would join and fully heal. Right now he does have full function in his hand, which is a miracle. But one of the bones in his forearm is still shattered, and is just held together by metal rods. (See a photo collage of his arm here)
    • And for Robert’s hip and leg, thankfully the bone has healed very well. But please pray for him to recover strength in his muscles, and for his hip to be aligned correctly so that he will be able to walk normally.
  6. Please continue to pray for our congregations, that we would be able to respond as the true church to all of the suffering we see around us.
  7. Please pray for “Raymond,” who is the young man that we met and talked to two doors down at the hospital.  We do believe he is out there somewhere…  so please pray that the seed which we planted would grow.

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