Praises and Prayer Requests – October 2012

Praise God for a healthy pregnancy.  Also praise Him for Kim’s clean bill of health, which, just like so many other things, came just in time…  We especially thank God for the care He has provided us through Dr. Glenn Junkin and his wife, Debbie, as well as their nutritionist, Rene, in addition to the advice and support of so many different friends and family members.  We praise God for the expertise we have received from others, which, together with the help of Kim’s parents, has allowed us to finally untangle the complex intestinal issues that were causing Kim’s faintness.  In honor of these health care professionals, and because of you our faithful supporters, we ourselves have been able to continue caring for needy families here in spite of the costs of Kim’s health care, and we do praise God for this.  Please pray for continued good health for Kim and the baby during the pregnancy, and that she would have a normal birth.

Praise God that “Yuri,” the mother of the little girl whom we were going to adopt, has decided to keep her baby!  Please also continue to pray for this young woman, since she has apparently gone back to drugs, and we are told that it’s not a good situation for the child.  Pray that God would continue to move in “Yuri”, doing what only He can do.  We do believe that He has already started a work in her — as evidenced by the fact that she decided to keep the little girl…  So please pray that she would be the kind of mother that God wants her to be.

Praise God for another clear (perhaps clearer than ever!) sighting of Mario…  We wanted to let you know that, just at times when we are about to give up hope, and it seems like there’s been absolutely no word of him, we always get something…  In fact, sources say that he actually looks better (stronger, healthier, and less afraid) than when he was first sighted.  And again, virtually all of the missing youth that we have asked you to pray for have been sighted at one time or another.  So in short, your prayers are working.  Don’t give up.  Please continue to pray for Mario, Alejandro, “Cha-Cha,” Brady… And others.  Luke 18: 1-8.  (See also below.)

Please pray for us, that we would have wisdom and patience as we are getting ready for this baby.  Of course our ministry has not stopped, and neither have the needs of others around us, so pray that we would find balance.  Pray also for the future of our family, since we know that in the not-too-distant years our little one will need a playmate, though needless to say for right now we are taking it one baby at a time…!  However, with our hearts being so moved by the adoption experience, we do have a funny feeling about what God has up His sleeve for us…  Certainly, and as He Himself has demonstrated, He might well surprise us.  🙂  You just never know.

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