Adventures in family building: Long-lost missionary parents

Hello, brave readers…. Are you surprised you haven’t heard from us in awhile…?  As you may know, we’ve been rather busy lately…  And since we usually open our letters by apologizing for the fact that it has been so long since we’ve written you, we do want to say that this time we have a […]

Precious Karina: A Few More Pics

If you are thinking that Kim looks rather daunted in this picture, you’re right!   Ministering to Jorge is always interesting! “One of the Gang…” And speaking of gang members… Who said that raising a baby and ministering to gang members was mutually exclusive…? Though it has been a lot more challenging, we have not […]

Praises and Prayer Request – Nov. 8, 2013

Praise God for Karina – for the miraculous way in which God brought her into being, and for her contagious energy which even now ministers to others — especially us! “Heelp!”  Please pray that we would find the discipline to balance family and ministry – that we would give Karina every second of time that […]