Precious Karina: A Few More Pics

If you are thinking that Kim looks rather daunted in this picture, you’re right!   Ministering to Jorge is always interesting!

“One of the Gang…”

And speaking of gang members… Who said that raising a baby and ministering to gang members was mutually exclusive…? Though it has been a lot more challenging, we have not stopped ministering to the youth in our church neighborhood… But if the truth be told, they are actually the ones who are coming around to visit us nowadays…! Fascinated by our baby, (“She’s so white…!”) Karina definitely appeals to the sensitive side of our youth.

Karina and Armando loving on each other! :)Karina and her friend, Armando 🙂
Karina with her great buddy TonyKarina with her buddy, Tony

Karina in the arms of Doña Vicky

But gang members are not the only people that Karina hangs out with… !

She also loves to be held by Mexican ladies who have already had multiple children and exponential grandchildren… It doesn’t take her long to close her eyes and get comfortable, knowing somehow that she’s in the arms of an “expert”!

Making Memories

Finally, Karina has really provided an excuse for us to spend more time with our families (namely, they are much more motivated to visit us…!  🙂)  She is pictured here with Kim’s mother (a.k.a. Grandma “Bon bon”) and below with Larry’s mom (simply “Grandma” 🙂 )  On the right are Kim’s father and Karina’s “tia Krissy” (Kim’s sister), who also came to visit.

Karina in Kim's arms, together with Kim's momLarry's mom holding Karina, with Larry and KimKarina with Kim and her dad and sister

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