Practical Prayer Request: Missionary Vehicles

Merry Christmas to all our friends and family!

We need your prayers because we have to deal with a major change in our vehicle situation.

The Mexican government has just informed us that, due to changes in immigration laws, we can’t have our American vehicles in Mexico anymore. This means that we either have to pay significant import taxes to make our vehicles Mexican, or we have to sell them (in the USA) and buy vehicles here with Mexican license plates.

This involves a lot of extra work for us, and it also involves costs that we weren’t planning for.

When this came up, it was clear to us that we didn’t want to pay import taxes on our Focus hatchback, because it is too small for us now that we have Karina, so it is currently for sale in Houston.

What is not so clear is what we should do with the van that was donated to us for outreach purposes. We would love to keep it here in Mexico, because it has been a huge help in being able to do activities, but we aren’t able to pay the import taxes.  We do have options regarding what to do with it, though, so we would like to ask you to pray that God’s hand would be on us.

So here are some specific prayer requests:

  • that God would give us strength, energy and wisdom to deal with this whole situation
  • for God’s clear guidance each step of the way
  • that God would give us favor and blessing in every interaction as we buy and sell vehicles
  • that God would provide us with a reliable car that can get us safely back and forth across the desert
  • that God would provide for a van to move people for outreach activities in the church
  • for God to help Kim’s parents who are helping us to sell our Focus in Houston. They have been patiently dealing with a lot of details that come along with selling a car that has been out of the country for several years, but it has been hard, so we really want to pray for God’s help and blessing on them.

Other ways you could help:


  • Help us pay the import taxes!  Donations are tax deductible!
    • Importing the van would be about $1500-$2000 U.S. dollars.
    • Importing a car for our personal use to have better gas mileage and allow the church to have full use of the van would probably be between $1100-$1500.
    • Unfortunately, this is money that we would have to spend even if we buy vehicles in Mexico, since cars there are significantly more expensive, running about a thousand to two thousand dollars more on average than American cars, largely because they reflect these importation costs.
    • Donations can be made by Paypal to or checks can be made out to Project Friendship with Torreon Vehicles Fund on the memo line, and sent to Project Friendship, 3101 Harmony Ln, Mission, TX 78574.

Many thanks! May God bless you richly! 🙂



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