Praises and Prayer Requests – Feb 2014

Praise God for the awesome, gentle, and perfect way that He chose to bring about changes in Jasmine’s family… and in ours.

Please pray for Hugo and Jasmine, that they would stand strong in the changes that God has made in them.  Hugo in particular has been discouraged lately, since even in spite of his efforts to work he has been able to bring in very little income for his family.  Praise God for the fact that even under these difficult circumstances, he has had only two relapses into drug abuse over the past seven months.  Please do continue to pray for him, though…  We don’t pretend to understand what it takes for someone to leave a life of substance abuse, but we know that the final stages of rehabilitation are always difficult.  More than anything, pray that Hugo would find steady work and be able to consistently feed his family.

Please pray for us – we are exhausted from just trying to keep up with Karina, as she is almost walking now – and into everything…!  Pray that God would continue to help us along, since the learning curve for us as parents is so steep… And Karina is a moving target – literally!  🙂

Pray for our finances.  We are losing one of our bigger contributors due to retirement, and we’re in the process of looking for more families open to donating in order to replace that support.  We are also realizing that we need to be putting something away for the future — both for our sake and Karina’s — if we plan to continue ministering in Mexico for the long term.  You should be getting a letter soon(?!?) on the actual state of our finances, but for the mean time please pray that God would give us His guidance and make it completely clear as to whether He wants us to stay in Mexico.  Pray that we would be totally open to Him — and obedient.

Finally, praise God for the lives of both Karina and Yurlette, and for all of the people that they’ve already touched!!  Pray for Yurlette’s complete and total healing, and that she would find the strength to walk, talk, and live a long healthy life.  Pray that both girls would find the Lord at an early age and grow up to be all that God would have them to be…

…Thank you.

Karina and Yurlette playing together in Yurlette's stroller

Karina and Yurlette playing together

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