Significant loss of financial support (Yes, we’re asking for money…! ;)

We don’t often write about our finances, but we have a special need and wanted to share it with you.  We just found out that one of our main supporters  is suddenly unable to continue.  This was totally unexpected and due to circumstances beyond his control, but he had been supporting us very generously – at $500 a month.

Since our total regular support was only a little more than $3000 a month, we really can’t continue without those funds.

On occasions when we address the issue of finances, I always try to present a report of our budget and our spending.  We do keep track of things very closely, so if anybody would like to see a detailed report, I would be glad to make it available, but for time’s sake here I will just try to give you a brief summary of how our finances work.

Family photoWith our regular support we are able to cover all of our personal needs and significant ministry expenses.  This includes family expenses such as homeschooling, traveling funds and healthcare, as well as ministry needs such as grocery and medical funds for the needy.  Also reflected here are all of the expenses of outreach activities and feeding programs for children and youth. And of course we are working hard to save, since we are determined not to be too much of a burden on our children in the future.

Anyway, we would like to ask for at least 6 new families to support us at $80 a month, or maybe ten families to support us at $50 a month.  Any extra funding would be awesome and a welcome donation to our youth ministry.  To be honest it is getting tougher by the day to feed this flock of hungry teenagers!

So in short, we are confident that He who began this good work will carry it on to completion.  We simply want to share our need and ask you to consider being a part of what we do.  God is making a real difference in the neighborhood where we’re working, and we believe He has only just begun.

For those of you who are already so generously supporting us, please disregard this.

If anybody has any questions, please feel free to contact me, or reply to this email.

Love and blessings to all of you!

P.S. Donations can be made through Paypal, or sent to:

Laguna On Fire Ministries
3101 Harmony Ln
Mission, TX 78574

P.P.S. Please pray for our supporter. He really needs God’s grace to sustain him through this time.

One of the ladies from church praying for a gang member.
What God is doing – Gang youth are coming to God, and our little church is learning to love them.

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