WOOOhooo! We’re rich! (Follow up on our financial need)

Well, maybe not quite!  But seriously…

We just wanted everyone to know that your response to our last post was very good. Several of you responded by coming on board and supporting us monthly, and we know that many others of you were praying.Our familyWe are excited about our new team of supporters – both about those of you who have just come on and about the faithful people who have supported us through the fifteen years we have been on the mission field.

We managed to meet our monthly goal and just a little more, which as you might imagine was great for us, since we were a bit under-funded for everything that we were trying to do!

To be sure, we are glad to have a little more breathing room in terms of our personal finances.  And as we’ve said before we are going to try to save proportionately to the income we receive, since we do not want to be irresponsible about the future for both their sake and yours.

Beyond those needs the funding we have received will go to the ministry to our ever-hungry youth group.  This group includes junior high through college-aged youth, many of whom are hungrier than usual as they try to break their addictions and stay off drugs for any length of time.

Below are specifics on some of the things that we are doing with the youth, but even more importantly we would just like to say thank you because you have enabled us to keep serving the people of the Laguna.

Truly, we are blessed at how God has provided for us, and have renewed inspiration to share Him…

…Thank you.

Prayer requests:

  • Please praise God for the way He is sustaining us, and pray that we would continue to trust Him to provide for all of our needs. We know that the youth group has the potential to grow a lot right now.  And though we keep trying to tell our own children to stop growing, they don’t listen much either…!
    Youth playing in pool
  • These youth love to play…! Pictured here are some of our youth during a pool-party event which we did for them last summer.   We have actually just purchased an above-ground swimming pool for them, which we will set up on a property outside the neighborhood, deliberately out of reach of all of the immediate temptations which surround them. Please pray that God would guide the use of the swimming pool and that this new part of our ministry would be everything that God wants it to be.
  • Also as many of you might know we have a school bus stuck at the border which was donated to the ministry, but which we may have to pay stiff border taxes on to actually bring across.  We are currently waiting to see if we can process the importation of the bus through some non-profit agency in Mexico, which would allow us to avoid these taxes, but would like to ask you to pray for this situation, as we are not having much luck!
  • Also please pray for the supporter who had to stop supporting us, because he’s a dear friend. God is taking care of us, but our friend is going through a very tough time.  Please pray that God would sustain him and bless him!
  • Most importantly, please pray for our one-on-one interactions with youth, and that we would be an absolute reflection of God’s love to them, and that God would continue to confirm that it is His will for us to be in Mexico and reaching out to them.

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