“Pastor Clawfoot” – The Story of Mario Continues

Hi, everyone.  Well it’s a relief to finally be able to sit down and write this…  As always a lot of things have happened since our last article, and since there are so many critical situations here we have made up our mind to try to stay in more regular contact, though we’ll have to […]

Prayer Points for Mario – July 3, 2010

Praise God that Mario not only received Christ but that he’d also begun to develop a strong intimate relationship with Him before being kidnapped. Pray for Mario’s protection during this time…  And that the unimaginable trials he’s going through would only drive him closer to God. Please cry out to God for Him to fulfill […]

From Clawfoot to Mario – The Turning Point

Hello, friends. Yet again, the months have flown by. As usual, we’ve been extremely busy. We wish we could tell you an upbeat story of how things are going…  But unfortunately a story like that is not on the agenda for this time, since, as some of you know, our lives have been deeply touched […]