“Clawfoot” – Ministering to Youth

Greetings!   …Well as usual so much has happened since we’ve last written to you that we hardly know where to start… The following account is actually from a while ago, but we thought it was good enough to go ahead and share with you anyway… Hope you enjoy it…  🙂 Well, brave readers, without any… Continue reading “Clawfoot” – Ministering to Youth

Praises – Jan. 6, 2009

For Kim’s cousin Marti, nicknamed “Lazarus” after waking up from a state of coma in Midland, TX this November. Doctors had diagnosed her as being brain dead, so they had chosen to take her off all life support. Two days later she woke up, and since then she has recovered perfectly. God answers prayer. For… Continue reading Praises – Jan. 6, 2009