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This website is about a little church located in an area called the "Laguna" in Central Mexico. We believe God has big plans for this little church.

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Sign for "La Vina"

The Church

"La Vina de la Laguna" is a church planted by the Association of Vineyard Churches in Mexico. Click here to get to know the church, its people, and what it's doing.

Plaza in Torreon

The City

"La Laguna" is used to refer to a group of 3 cities in the middle of the desert in central Mexico. Click here to learn about the area.

Larry and Kim

The Missionaries

This site is posted by 2 Americans who are going as missionaries to assist with the work of the church in "La Laguna". Click here to find out more about them and what they're doing.

The News

Although we're far too busy to send updates very regularly, we do write newsletters every once in a while to share the wonderful things God is doing. You can see some of our previous newsletters here.


Current Needs

Info on practical things needed for the ministry - your chance to participate in God's marvelous work here in the Laguna! Just click here.

Photo Albums

Photos of various people and events in the church here in the Laguna. Click here to see what photos are available.


Note: We have great plans for this web site, so we will be making changes and additions. We invite you to come back to find out what new things God is doing and what we've been able to publish here!

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Last updated: April 24, 2008