Mercy Ministry

We are excited to share that instead of giving away groceries to only around ten families a month, we have recently been giving them to one hundred and fifty families a month…!

…Our area of Mexico will continue to quarantine through May 31st. So we wanted to ask everyone to pray that God would continue to sustain our finances as we put every extra penny we have into our mercy pantry right now !

A couple of you have already given donations, and that has been a huge help since we’re also covering Larry’s medical costs ! If anyone would like to make a donation to our little pantry, just let us know…!

Love to everyone, and most of all thank you for your prayers ! 

Thanks to everyone for our getaway !! Wait… What are we doing at the beach?!

O.k., goodness! …So now we’ve really got your attention!

Kim, Karina, Jonathan, and Larry smiling on the beach

Well, first of all we should say that as we expressed in our newsletter, we really did have a great time in Michigan… ! The kids had never seen snow before, and in fact we had never seen snow before! So you can imagine how entertaining that was to all the people around us!

Now it is important to say here that it’s not really our custom to visit Michigan and the southern beaches of Texas all in a period of weeks… but since Larry’s brother was in from Germany and the family had a gathering near Corpus Christi to see him, we somehow managed to do it, though we would not recommend that any of you try such a thing!

Anyway, we are proud to tell you that, after re-organizing our trunk (snowsuits and scarves “out”, sunglasses, beach shoes, and shorts “in”… !), and driving from Central Mexico to Michigan and then down to the Corpus area with a three-year-old and a six-year-old in the backseat, we are still married!

Jonathan, Kim, Karina and Larry smiling on the beach

We have posted a Gallery of pics below… (A lot are from the snow retreat, since everyone at the beach house got a tummy bug and started throwing up dramatically at Larry’s family reunion!)

We have also posted a copy of our Christmas letter (Don’t re-read if you’ve got it !), and a link to our prayer page, since after driving all over the country we didn’t have time to put the prayer requests at the end of our letter !!!

So if you’d like to be up on our prayer requests and haven’t joined the page, feel free to click here for a prayer request each month!

(You can download the pdf version of the newsletter here.)