Eric’s Story

Hi everyone, and greetings to all after what we hope was a wonderful holiday season… We have been so caught up in things here that we weren’t actually able to say “hi” to many of you over Christmas, but we’re glad to finally be sending you this update. For those of you who have been… Continue reading Eric’s Story

Our message to Charlcie

Charlcie, you once said something to us, which was that the most important thing in ministering to people was to make sure that they accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior…  It was for that reason we thought it was only right for Eric’s story to be dedicated to you. It was very good advice… Continue reading Our message to Charlcie

Prayer Items – February 2012

Praise God for the opportunity to get to know and minister to Eric’s family… even under these tragic circumstances. Please pray specifically for them, since although his death actually occurred a few months ago, the family is still struggling — both financially and emotionally…  Pray particularly for Eric’s mom, who also has another daughter missing due… Continue reading Prayer Items – February 2012