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We now have a U.S. phone number which connects to us in Mexico. Please take advantage of it to call us without paying for international long distance:

  • (832) 548-4949

Or you can call our Mexican phone number:

  • 011-52-871-187-9971
  • Helpful info:
    • 011 – international access code
    • 52 – country code for Mexico
    • 871 – area code for Torreón

Write Us!

Larry & Kim Flathmann
San Macario 621
Colonia Fuentes del Sur
Torreón, Coahuila 27290

Contact Info in the U.S.

You can get in contact with us through Project Friendship, an organization which provides support services to missionaries. If you would like to join with us in our ministry by supporting us financially, you can send your tax-deductible contribution to them. (Note: checks can be made out to Laguna On Fire Ministries)

  • Laguna On Fire Ministries
    3101 Harmony Ln
    Mission, TX 78574
  • phone: (832) 548-4949


  1. Hi Larry and Kim……..the date on this is May 14, but I just found it today. My computer has been upgraded as I got a satellite the end of April on the South side of the roof. I thought was working well, but couldn’t get the Internet on the weekend, but repair came out Monday, so ok.
    Need to get my antivirus working as have been told there is a bad one with “postcard” so I’m tryint to be off a lot.
    Doing Meals on Wheels ths week,and had a children’s reading celebration on Tues with 26 children there. Was quite a surprise as last year the most they had was 15….will hold each Tues in June.
    Sparky kept me awake barking last night and I finally went out and she had treed a raccoon in the mulberry tree. All the white mulberries have been delicious, but gone now. The limbs haven’t been trimmed, so it took 45 mins to spot its eyes, etc. and I shot 3 times..thought I hit it twice, but it didn’t fall, and couldn’t find this AM. I killed a porcupine last week in the southeast corner of yard where Sparky had him cornered. Was afraid she was going to get the quills in her nose and mouth like last time, so I really had to work. Success..God is GOOD & is in Laguna, AMEN! Thank you-enjoyed your e=mail, & this is AWESOME. Will be sending an offering soon. Take care of yourselves & leave the rest to God..looks like He can handle it! My love, Joyce

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