Prayer needs – February 2017

  • We shared in our last newsletter that a donor had provided for us to get a bus to help with our expanding ministry to gang youth. We want to praise God, because He very clearly led us, and we were able to purchase a great bus for an incredibly cheap price. However, please pray now that we would be able to get it across the border, because so far we have not been able to get authorization from the Mexican customs agency.
  • By God’s grace, even without the bus, we have been able to continue to minister to the youth. Please pray for God to continue to give us grace with them – that we would deepen our relationships with them, that they would see God’s love and extravagant grace in us, and that the Holy Spirit would be touching their hearts. We praise God that the congregation is showing an increased desire to receive and minister to these youth, even though the youth are very rough around the edges.
  • Please pray for our home…! Unfortunately we’ve had a lot of trouble with humidity and mold lately. Apparently lots of mold got into our water tank while we were away on our last trip. People who did periodic cleaning for us used the water and then closed up the house repeatedly, so when we got back we started having strange skin problems and found mold growing all around the house before we figured it out… Opening up the windows was not helpful because we had a particularly humid winter this year!! Needless to say we write this to you twenty cans of Lysol later asking that you would pray for some supernatural intervention! Please ask God to show us the best way to deal with it… Pray that it would not be a drain on our time and energy any more, and that we would actually be able to enjoy the kids, as opposed to just trying to juggle them while we clean up mold day and night!!!
  • Please also pray for our health. Our biggest request is for Karina, who has been having a lot of trouble with allergies.  The rest of us have also been under the weather – struggling with colds and minor tummy bugs off and on. Probably our biggest request is that we would be able to get better rest.
  • Mario with his kids shortly before he was kidnapped

    Please pray for Mario, our old friend who was kidnapped by the drug rings, now seven years ago…  We have had him on our mind and felt led to post a request for him.  We ran into the family the other day, they also say that he has been coming to their mind lately, and that other people have also been asking about him.  Mario was last seen a couple of years ago by a person who was actually able to talk to him some.  In  brief conversation, Mario expressed that he was “all right…,” but that he could not come home or have contact with his family any time soon. You can read his story in our blog:
    From Clawfoot to Mario – The Turning Point
    “Pastor Clawfoot” – The Story of Mario Continues


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