Prayer Requests – July 2017

The other thing that we managed to do on such a lovely vacation was to evaluate the situation at the border with the school bus which was donated to our youth and has unfortunately still been stuck on the U.S. side!  We do want to praise God because we’re fairly sure that after the generous one-time donations that we received in response to our email that we do have the funding to do it… especially since we were able to combine them with funds that we had already designated for a vehicle. The only problem is that we have been holding out on principle, since the Mexican government really does want to charge us all of $5500 dollars in order to take the bus across.

…Needless to say, that importation fee seemed a bit steep to us.  So as we’d mentioned in our last email we decided to see whether or not we could receive it as a donation across the border through some non-profit organization.  If we can convince an organization to receive the bus for us, we will be able to use all extra funding to do youth outreach activities, and that really seems like it is worth waiting for… The only problem there was that none of the Mexican organizations we have approached have even given us the time of day!  Anyway, please pray for the Rotary Club in Torreon, and that God would touch the hearts of the directors, since we are still waiting on a response from them!  If their response is negative we will have to sell the bus at the border and re-use the funds to buy a Mexican bus or go ahead and spend the money to import the one we have.

Anyway what is clear is that we will have to do something, since Larry did get some strange looks initially and was immediately stopped when we just sort of tried to “drive” it across the border!  (.. Well, we were just trying…!  )

…So please pray for wisdom and favor for us as we try to go back to Mexico and contact the Rotary club one final time.

…Pray for our children, because by this time, they are a little disoriented from so much stimulus in the U.S.!

…Pray for Kim’s mom’s friend, Linley, who at 23 has shown remarkable comeback from a very difficult cancer.  Her strength is failing however, and doctors seem uncertain about what to do next, so please pray that God would cover the situation with his total grace and pour out His power.

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