Prayer for Jasmine and others… Dec. 2018

  • For Jasmine…: Please pray that God would somehow heal her heart and all of the heaviness in it, and that she would have wisdom in knowing how to raise her other six children…  She is a believer and has shown interest in being discipled, however she has been struggling lately since she seems to have hit a new wave of depression.  Pray that life would not just be a series of going through the motions for her, but that she would truly open herself up to finding wholeness in the Lord.
  • Marlene:  Many of you may also remember Marlene as one of Jasmine’s daughters, and Angel’s sister… We have included her here because unfortunately she has really fallen off a cliff after Angel’s death.  For a while she was even trying hard drugs and disappearing at night, though nobody knew where she went…  Recently however, she has been a little more stable, although it has been at the expense of Jasmine encouraging her to go ahead and marry, at only fourteen years of age.  Sso please pray that God would change the course of Marlene’s life entirely, and that He would protect her from any decisions that are not right for her.
  • Victor Manuel:  Victor is Angel’s grandfather, and is actually the person deemed by most people as responsible for Angel’s death… With a history of abusing his family, Victor denies having had anything to do with the incident, though he was the only one present, and as we say a lot of sources suspect that Angel’s death was some sort of severe abuse incident rather than suicide.
         … Anyway, the important thing here is that Victor has come to church on several occasions, crying and begging for God’s forgiveness.  So please pray specifically for him… Pray that we and others would have the grace to minister to him, and that he would experience the depth of God’s love and grace.  Pray that he would come clean if he needs to, and most of all that any and all chains of addiction and abuse would be stopped in his life.  Forever.
  • Larry and Kim…
  • Who us…? Well, we do want to praise God, since all things considered we are doing all right… 🙂
  • We’d like you to keep praying, though, since we are emotionally worn out from all that has happened, and since the level of “attack” on our ministry still continues to be pretty striking… (To be sure, the last time we returned home from a trip we drove up to our house with water pouring off of our roof from a broken pump, and a power outage which affected our whole street (Hey! …We paid our bill…!), not to mention phone calls from some of our youth who got stranded in Guadalajara. (They had apparently gone on a construction project which turned out to be headed up by drug lords who left them there… So do pray for protection!)
  • Anyway, please pray that all of the ‘fun’ of any kind of “unnecessary” adventures would stop, or alternatively that they would only make us stronger and more ready for ministry! Pray also for Karina and Jonathan, that their childhood experiences would not be compromised, but instead enriched by our missionary lifestyle.
  • Pray for financial protection for us, that God would bless all of our supporters, and that funding would not be an issue for us in the midst of so many other things! (Has anyone ever noticed that young people cannot be in the same room together for any period of time without eating…?)
  • Please do praise God with us, though, because even in spite of everything that has happened lately, the youth are responding to us in new ways and in greater numbers, and the outreach service which has sprung out of Angel’s death has had the church filled with people listening to the gospel!  🙂

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