Photos from Our Recent Adventure

Photos of the bullet holes in our pickup from when we were mistakenly stopped by members of the drug mafia. They confused our pickup with that of a drug pusher they were going to kidnap. We raced away and they shot at us, and by God’s amazing protection, only two bullets hit us, even though they were right next to us!

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Bullet Holes



  1. Wow. That’s so crazy and hard for me to fathom because I am so far removed from things like that. Seems like that stuff only happens in movies but I know it happens more than I could imagine. I’m so glad you guys are ok and that God gave you the wisdom to drive off. I’m proud of you for having the courage to do that. That could have only come from God. We will be talking to God for you daily and for the situation there. I love you guys. God is good and it truly is amazing how He protected you guys. Thank you God. We love you.

    Keep us updated please.

  2. Praise the Lord that He protected you from this attack! We will continue to ask for His protection for you and that He will give you clear guidance on how to handle this and any future problems. He is faithful! We are so proud of you for following His call even when it has been so difficult. As family, we selfishly would want you to be here in the US with us. But we also know that there is no ‘safer’ place to be than in the will of God! We LOVE you guys!
    John 17:11

  3. Since they did later kidnap the drug pusher you were mistaken for, is there still as much need to repaint/sell your truck? I assume you’ll still de-tint your windows, but I didn’t know if you were in less danger since they aren’t actively looking for him now. Please continue to keep us updated. Thank you for sharing this with us, as a reminder to pray for you.

  4. @Matt: Hey, it’s good to hear from you! You’re right in that we don’t need to specifically worry about looking like that particular drug pusher’s truck anymore, but being black our truck still looks like a drug pusher’s truck in general, which means both the good guys (the police) and the bad guys (the drug mafia) might get confused if we ever were in the wrong place at the wrong time again (which we will do our best to avoid!).

    However, i’d really encourage everyone to pray not just for us, but for God to work powerfully in this whole situation, because i think the important thing about what’s happening here is that God has something big that’s coming, and He wants us to be faithful and pray through this dark time.

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