Praises & Prayer Requests – Nov 9, 2008


  1. For the restored lives and relationships that we have seen recently in our ministry.
  2. That our 7-yr.-old friend Jared was healed from a serious health problem due to the wisdom and skill God granted his doctors.
  3. For the unity, purity, and growth that we have seen in many Christian churches in the Laguna.
  4. For the recent increase in financial support and for generous donations, which are allowing us to finish up on the house construction and anticipate increasing our time spent in ministry.

Prayer Requests:

  1. For the new President Elect Obama, that he would have wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit, that God would touch his heart and that Obama would come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  That the Christians of the nation would unite in praying for him.  That they would be as faithful and united in prayer for the nation as they were prior to the election.
  2. For the economic crisis that is taking place in the U.S. and worldwide, that God’s purposes would be accomplished through it.
  3. For the Federal Police, local police, and army soldiers here in the Laguna, who have been called to work here against continuing threats to public safety, and who risk their lives on a daily basis to keep civilians safe.  That they might know Him, experience His favor, and seek to be holy in all they do.
  4. For protection for the Mexican civilians, particularly in the neighborhood of the Tierra Blanca church.  That the gang members there would NOT be coaxed, or threatened, into joining forces with the drug cartel movements.  That every last gang member as well as all of the cartel members would hear about God’s relentless and saving love for them. That they would have real opportunities to choose Him.
  5. For Ana, our friend who has been ministering to a growing group of young policemen, and who recently received a threat intended to scare her out of doing so.  For protection, stamina, and wisdom on how to proceed.

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