Jasmine’s story: How Karina got her name

Hello again! Did we promise to follow our last totally “baby-centered” update with a slightly more ministry-focused one? Well, true to our word, here it is (…and with it of course out apologies for failing to send the next newsletter “soon…”) 🙂 So resisting the endless temptation to talk on and on about the “boring”… Continue reading Jasmine’s story: How Karina got her name

Precious Karina: A Few More Pics

If you are thinking that Kim looks rather daunted in this picture, you’re right!   Ministering to Jorge is always interesting! “One of the Gang…” And speaking of gang members… Who said that raising a baby and ministering to gang members was mutually exclusive…? Though it has been a lot more challenging, we have not… Continue reading Precious Karina: A Few More Pics

Prayer Items – August 2011

Praise God for the miraculous upturn in Leonardo’s life — Praise Him once more with us that Leonardo has still not resorted to any violence in order to take revenge on those who have been violent towards him and his family, though at times he has threatened to do so.  Please continue praying that Leonardo… Continue reading Prayer Items – August 2011