The Untold Stories of 2020

We’re excited to share what God has done in 2020. There’s the story of Daniel, the unlikely candidate that God chose to manage our Mercy Pantry, and how God helped him to handle the unprecedented demand due to the covid pandemic. We also share the story of everything that Jasmine overcame to save the life of her baby. Then there’s the story of how God arranged everything perfectly, even Larry’s health struggles and the pandemic, for His purposes. And there’s also the lessons we learned through Larry’s Mom and her desire to see Jesus coming in glory even in her struggle with and death due to covid.

Lost Coins

Hi everyone, Well we’re back… and finally able to send out some very late Christmas cards! If you can believe it, we have actually spent the past several months trying to write an update, but things have been moving so fast in the Laguna that we have hardly been able to keep up with it… Continue reading Lost Coins