Jasmine’s story: How Karina got her name

Hello again! Did we promise to follow our last totally “baby-centered” update with a slightly more ministry-focused one? Well, true to our word, here it is (…and with it of course out apologies for failing to send the next newsletter “soon…”) 🙂 So resisting the endless temptation to talk on and on about the “boring” […]

Adventures in family building: Long-lost missionary parents

Hello, brave readers…. Are you surprised you haven’t heard from us in awhile…?  As you may know, we’ve been rather busy lately…  And since we usually open our letters by apologizing for the fact that it has been so long since we’ve written you, we do want to say that this time we have a […]

Robert’s Wheelchair

Hello dear friends and readers, As usual, we have to apologize because we are just now writing to you about events that actually happened a few  months ago.  We know that some of you have already been praying for this situation since you heard about it on Facebook… Even so, we thought it was time we […]